Don’t Feel the Presence of the Holy Spirit Anymore (by Anon)

I was a believer as a young child. At age 12 I almost died, didn’t phase me a bit because I trusted Jesus as my Savior.

At age 21 I doubted my salvation because of my lifesyle. There was a voice inside of me asking me to consider the “last day” a year earlier. Convinced I needed to be born again I became desperate and started seeking the LORD JESUS (Who is the LORD by the way) and was scared of going to hell. I knew the Gospel and believed it. At a Church service I gazed upon the cross and it became so personal. Months later I knew I needed to hear from God. Starting to explain my situation at a Bible Study the men got up and started to pray for me. I began trembling and started to feel a presence I’ve never felt. A woman began to explain that the Holy Spirit entered the room and she almost cried with me! On the way home I felt the peace beyond all understanding. The next few weeks, the Joy of the LORD.

Several compromises later I’m terrified that somehow I don’t have the Spirit. I’m not as close as I was. HE is the desire of my heart still and I want to live my life in a way that keeps me in fellowship with HIM. I hope I’m not a Judas or a castaway. Many different doctrines on this. Please, HELP!!!

3 responses to “Don’t Feel the Presence of the Holy Spirit Anymore (by Anon)

  • cmichaelpatton

    Thank you so much for taking the time here to share. I know how much disobedience and compromise can eat away at our confidence. I often wonder during those times if I would REALLY desire it to be any other way.

    It would be like saying “I wish that I could do drugs and there be no consequences.” Of course, I know that the consequences are a good thing since they discourage such actions.

    I think doubt is often a consequence to disobedience. Do I really want to have a strong faith while retaining the ability to compromise? On my best days, no.

    As well, feelings are so hard. They are almost like drugs which set the standard about how we feel our emotional disposition is supposed to be if God is present in our lives. It is addicting to rely on feelings. Once we have a very strong one, we feel we need it to sustain our faith. But feelings are not faith with God anymore than feeling are love in marriage. They come and go for many of us. For some of us, they are just never really there. But feelings don’t have a vote in truth.

    God bless you my friend.

  • word

    God is still with you and dont judge your self so harshly, god is still perfecting you. remember its not about how many times we fall but how many times we rise up!!

  • Suzanne de Maritnez

    Impatience breeds increduality, being patient is difficult but that amazing feeling u had when u felt the presence of the Holy Spirit, is worth waiitng on because there is nothing else on earth that can compare to it.

    Living by biblical principles is a challenge and if we r not careful we find oursleves giving in to negativism etc Be not like the seeds sown among the rocks but those sown on fertile soil- keep seeking, loving, searching, God is just a whsper away!

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