Dealing with Doubt by Greg Koukl

One response to “Dealing with Doubt by Greg Koukl

  • William Rees

    Im a 71 year old man and have a question on my salvation. I believe that Christ is the Son of God and that He was God in human form in the person of Jesus Christ and I believe in the virgin Birth. Like the bible says the devil and demons also believe in Christ. I fear God, when I read the old testament I read about the wrath that He put on those who resisted His word and commandment. I have a faith that Christ death on the Cross truely saved sinners from and eternal death. I was baptized when I was 20 years old, and back slidden quite a few times since then, but He always takes me back, when I was baptized I felt a peace come over me that I long to feel again. My problem now is knowing my nature and how I want to do good, but fail misserably, I can’t believe that He still wants me and I feel like since I let Him down I don’t deserve His grace. When I feel like I am doing right, I hear a passage read that tends to condemn me sometime then I fall back, I never give up on trying to find answers and to stay in His word. It’s know that this weakness is a sign that Im lost and can’t seem to get back that stead fastness that some times comes upon me when I doing what I think is pleasing to Him. I believe in the reserrection,but not that ordinary people have or will come back to this life. there is only one who did that and that was Jesus Christ, and only Him. thats why I don’t believe in the reincarnation when some one dies and passes into the grave. You see Im a musician and have been most all of my life and raised a family on it, I now use my talents for Christ, but this also haunts me as I never feel good about myself or my ability as I know God gave it to me, but I keep trying to better myself, as it’s hard to believe that growing up I was told by my parents that I’d never mount to nothing and that keeps weighing on my mind, which also makes me feel Im not good enough for the Kingdom of God. I need some incouragement and assurance from the Bible, God’s word, but like I said when I think I’ve fond that assurance, so one can read a part of the bible that takes me right back to where I started from. Bill Rees

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